About @PJZNY

@PJZNY is the social media web handle for tech CEO Patrick Zarrelli. Zarrelli is an FSU grad who began his media career while still in college writing for Speed Magazine. Zarrelli went on to be the Vice President of BeachFront News, then the Publisher of the South Florida Chronicle, and now is the current CEO of SFL.Media.

@PJZNY Is Florida State Alumni

Patrick Zarrelli is a graduate of Florida State University. He has degrees in sociology and communications. While at the historic University Zarrelli wrote for Speed Magazine and was a bartender at many of the popular college watering holes. Zarrelli’s class at FSU produced a host of entrepreneurs, TV stars, and media personalities.

When asked Zarrelli refers to it as “easily the best time of my life!” Some of Zarrelli’s friends from FSU have worked with and for his companies and some still do till this very day. Including his office manager who runs the day to day at SFL.Media and is the gatekeeper to Zarrelli’s calendar and corporate life. Zarrelli still follows Florida State University news and updates and considers himself a proud Florida State Seminole for life.

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@PJZNY On Social Media

Patrick Zarrelli has a vibrant social media presence. This includes a YouTube channel, multiple Instagram pages, Facebook pages, and a Twitter page.  In most cases, Patrick Zarrelli’s social media updates are done by himself personally. However, in some rare instances, a staff member may be posted in place of or on Patrick Zarrelli’s behalf.

Patrick Zarrelli’s social media posts are mostly involving the news of the day with a focus on politics, pop culture, and gaming. Zarrelli is passionate about progressive causes like getting the money out of our government, equal rights for everyone, and pro-environment saving green initiatives.  Zarrelli is not afraid to take a stand on social media or speak truth to power. This has led him into social media debates with the likes of people like Julian Assange. Zarrelli has been hauled in by the secret service over Facebook posts as well and has had his tweets featured on CNN multiple times.

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@PJZNY Professional Life

Patrick Zarrelli has spent his entire career in print and digital media. For years Zarrelli ran the Print Killer Media Network and Dependable Website Management side by side. Before finally merging the two companies in the state of Florida in early 2019. Today SFL.Media owns multiple news websites, e-commerce websites, and manages the entire web presence for a host of different companies. SFL.Media has current technology clients in Florida, New York, Indiana, Baltimore, and Boston. For technology service for your company or for a project quote please call 1 (833) Hire-DWM or 1 (833)-447-3396.

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