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Disasters That Can Happen When You Don’t Have a Website Management Service

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Disasters That Can Happen When You Don’t Have a Website Management Service

Disasters That Can Happen When You Don’t Have a Website Management Service

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes, but the worst ones are those that catch you unprepared. They strike when you least expect them, often with little or no warning. In other words, they happen when you’re not ready for them. 

If you’re like most business owners, managing your company website is probably not at the top of your list of things to do. After all, what could go wrong? Unless you have a cyber attack or some other random event that comes out of nowhere and wreaks havoc on your site; nothing really disastrous is likely to happen to your website. At least that’s the assumption.  

However, without website management services, that’s exactly what will happen to your site; and it can be disastrous! You see, disasters don’t discriminate. Disasters happen to everyone. Having a website management service can help you prevent such disasters and recover from them more efficiently when they occur. 

As you are about to discover, not all disasters that can happen when you don’t have a website management service are as dramatic as others. For example, it’s not all about cyber attacks. You can also lose money by losing customers because of poor website performance. Let’s take a look at what kind of disasters you invite by not having a website management service.

A Slow Website is a Deterring Website

The time your website takes to load could be the difference between a first-time customer making a purchase or moving on to the next website. It could also be the difference between a potential client calling your company or emailing them to ask some questions.

In fact, a slow-loading website is so detrimental that it can lead to the loss of potential clients. A slow site can negatively affect a company’s branding, image, and customer experience. And when visitors leave your site, they’re less likely to return. And let’s not forget that a slow-loading site can lead to a loss in revenue. You see, online customers expect a fast and seamless experience. If they don’t get it, they’ll move on to a competitor’s website.

A slow website is a frustrating website. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to sell or how great your product is, if people can’t load your site fast enough, they’re going to go somewhere else. 

There are many reasons that could be contributing to your site’s slowness. If you don’t have a website management service, you won’t know because no one is monitoring your site. 

Your Site Becomes a Spam Hub

If one of your pages becomes infested with spam, and unwanted content, it can quickly infect your entire site. Spam doesn’t care where it ends up. It wants to reach as many people as it can, and if you don’t have a robust content moderation solution in place, it can do just that. 

You might not even realize it’s happening until your entire site is filled with junk. Then you’ll have to go through the painstaking process of removing it one piece at a time. If your website is large, that could take weeks or even months.

If you have a website management service in place, they’ll keep an eye on your site and let you know if spam is an issue. They’ll also help you remove it as quickly as possible. 

It’s Not Secure

If you have a website, you need to protect it. If you don’t, it won’t take long for someone to break into it. If they manage to get to your server, they could wreak havoc. It could be as crude as deleting all your data. Or they could do something far worse, like installing malware that steals your customers’ personal information. 

If you let your contract with a website management service expire, there’s nothing to stop someone from breaking in. They could be inside your server right now, downloading your private data and doing whatever they want with it. 

You Could Lose Control of Your Domain

You’ve worked hard to build your brand and establish your reputation. Your website is one of the key tools you’re using to do that. However, if someone else has control over your domain name, they could redirect it to another site and you’d have no control over it. You should never let your domain name lapse. A reliable website management service can ensure that there aren’t any gaps in ownership by alerting you when it’s about to expire. 

If you’re managing your website yourself, you’re likely putting off renewing your domain name. When you don’t renew your domain, someone else could snatch it up and point it to their site. That’s the last thing you want because it could take months, or years, to get it back. While you’re waiting, you’ll be without your domain name and unable to reach your customers.

It Won’t Look or Function As Good Without Maintenance

We’ve all been guilty of it: putting off website maintenance. If you do that often enough, eventually your site will fall out of date. You’ll no longer have the professional, polished look that you’re trying to portray. It’s not just about aesthetics, if your site is out of date, it could be costing you significant revenue. It could have broken links, inaccurate information, or an interface that’s too difficult for customers to use. 

You might be able to catch those things yourself. You might be able to fix them yourself. But, as with everything else, if you put it off and put it off, it’ll never get done. Eventually, your website will look so bad that your customers will stop visiting it altogether. If they see that your site is out of date, they won’t trust you because it could mean the website is less secure. This is yet another reason to have a reputable website management service in place.

The Bottom Line

Your website is the front line of your business. It’s how customers, potential and existing alike, interact with your brand. If it’s broken, they won’t be coming back. If it’s slow, they won’t be coming back. If it’s out of date, they won’t be coming back. If it’s not secure, they won’t be coming back. 

A disaster is just around the corner if you’re not managing your website with a professional website management service. 

What can you do about it? 

Make sure your website is always up-to-date. Make sure it’s always secure. And make sure it always looks good. When you need a website management service that goes above and beyond, you need Patrick Zarrelli! Our team of American professionals can keep your website running like a dream without breaking the bank, call today!


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