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Why Business Owners Should Never Attempt Web Development on Their Own

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Why Business Owners Should Never Attempt Web Development on Their Own

Why Business Owners Should Never Attempt Web Development on Their Own

So you have a killer idea for a business which means you need a spectacular website to drive customers your way. You sign up for a Udemy course on PHP, learn WordPress in another class, and practice your HTML and CSS when you have time. In no time at all, you’ve created your own basic website and think you have everything that you need to launch. 

What could possibly go wrong? If you’re reading this article you should know that most people who try this approach either fail miserably or reach a point where they can no longer continue without professional help.

The Problem With DIY Web Development

If you have an idea for a killer website, you might be thinking that you could save a few bucks by putting it together yourself. There’s a problem with that mentality, a problem that has been the bane of countless businesses. 

As great as the idea might sound at first, it’s important to remember that web development is a specialty, and you’re not a web developer. You don’t have the training or experience to know how to build a fully functional and secure website that converts. 

You also won’t have the skills to troubleshoot any issues you come across while building or maintaining it. Without the necessary skills, you’re better off hiring and partnering with an experienced and professional web development company that can build your website for you. 

If You’re Developing a Website By Yourself, Things Will Go Wrong, And When They Do, You’ll Wish You Called a Pro

For starters, when it comes to highly technical elements like a website, anything you try to put together on your own is bound to go wrong somewhere along the line. 

If your code isn’t perfect, you could have issues with your website’s functionality, speed, and more. Additionally, if you don’t have the necessary experience, you’ll also have a hard time finding and fixing these problems on your own. 

When you want a website that rocks, your best bet is to work with a professional who has experience in building, managing, and troubleshooting websites. Not only will they be able to solve issues quickly, but they’ll also be able to avoid them in the first place.

You’ll Lack the Knowledge to Fix Them

Building a website is a complicated process that requires a lot of technical knowledge. Without that knowledge, it’s virtually impossible to develop a functional and visually appealing website. 

Furthermore, troubleshooting problems and making changes will take inordinate amounts of time which will result in a lot of downtime leading to lost revenue. 

Working with a professional like Patrick Zarrelli, he will make the entire process faster and more efficient. We troubleshoot issues quickly and fix them even faster. You’ll get your website back online as soon as possible. More importantly, when you choose us as your web development service, you’ll get a beautiful brand new website that doesn’t have any technical problems to begin with. 

Don’t Waste Time Looking for Freelance Web Developers When You Need the Touch of a True Professional

You might think that since you know what you need, you’ll be able to quickly find a suitable freelance web developer for your project. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In fact, it’s almost never the case. For those of you that want a clunky website that’s riddled with security problems and looks like it jumped straight out of the 90s, by all means, hire a freelancer. 

When you don’t have a professional web development firm at your side, you could waste a lot of time on your project. Time is money, which means you should be aiming to have a fully-functional website up and running as soon as possible without compromising on quality, security, or functionality. 

Businesses that work with amateur teams of unqualified individuals who don’t have the necessary skills will either get a terrible website or no website at all. Conversely, working with an experienced team will save you time and money. We’ll be able to finish your project quickly, and correctly. Best of all, we’ll be able to do it right the first time. 

Your Website Will Be Full of Bugs and Security Problems

Still thinking about developing a website by yourself or with an inexperienced freelancer? If you build your website yourself or rely on a freelancer that doesn’t know much more than you do, you’re asking to have a lot of bugs and security issues on your site. That’s because you don’t have the necessary experience or skills to build a high-quality website. 

A website with security problems can be very expensive, and in some cases, it can take a whole business down before it has the chance to get off the ground.  Even if you hire an amateur team to help you out, they likely won’t be able to fix the problems quickly, effectively, or correctly. 

A professional team, on the other hand, can guarantee that your website is free of bugs and has the necessary security features in place to protect your data and users.

Bottom line – Don’t Develop Your Own Website Without Professional Help

Building a website isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a complicated process that requires a lot of skill and experience. You don’t need to be a web developer to be able to create a website, but you need a web developer to build a successful one. 

Instead of trying to learn everything about web development all at once, you should be partnering with us to handle the web development so you can be free to focus on developing your business. 

That’s the beauty of it, we develop the website, you develop the business, and everybody wins. Our team will take the time to understand your project and its requirements before delivering a high-quality website that exceeds your expectations.

The bottom line here is that if you want an expertly crafted website that runs like a dream and attracts countless customers, you want to give us a call to make it happen. We’re the web development wizards of South Florida, and we’re here to help!

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