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Ways You’re Putting Your Website At Risk Without A Security Team

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Ways You’re Putting Your Website At Risk Without A Security Team

Ways You’re Putting Your Website At Risk Without A Security Team

Are you aware of the security risks your website faces? If not, it’s probably because you’re not equipped to identify and mitigate potential threats. Although it’s easy to overlook website security until something happens, neglecting website security is not a risk that any business owner should take. 

As more and more businesses make the move from static sites to dynamic websites, it becomes increasingly critical that every organization understands the security risks involved. Here are some of the most serious ways you could be putting your website at risk without a team dedicated solely to security.

There’s No One Managing User Access

In some cases, organizations that don’t have dedicated team members who specialize in security still have some form of security protocols in place. But in many cases, those protocols are far from sufficient. Managing user access is one of the best ways to prevent security issues. It allows you to understand who has access to your site’s code, your servers, and your databases, everything. 

This way, you know who can do what and you can track any changes in the system. If you’re not tracking user access, you’re susceptible to a wide range of security issues that could cause a site-wide breach. Things like malicious code, data theft, and data manipulation are just waiting to happen. 

If you’re not managing user access, you don’t know who has access to your site or what they’re doing with that access. You’re flying blind, and you’re putting your business in danger.

Your Website Runs On An Outdated Platform

Perhaps your organization has been in business for a long time and you were running a website on a platform that was once state-of-the-art but after years of use, you’re operating on outdated and unsecured technology. If you don’t upgrade your platform, you’re leaving yourself open to all kinds of attacks. 

Your site’s code can be put under strain, which could impact the performance of your site and your brand. Meanwhile, your data could be at risk of being compromised. Your outdated platform could put you at risk of a variety of cyber attacks. While these threats can be mitigated to some extent, the only way to truly protect your site is to upgrade to a modern, secure platform.

Your Website Contains Known Vulnerabilities

If your team is actively monitoring potential threats, you’ll know when a vulnerability is reported. You can then patch your site and be immune to false alarms that would normally affect a vast number of websites. But what happens if your team only knows about the threats that have been reported? What about the ones that haven’t been discovered yet? Your website could be riddled with security issues that could cause a wide range of problems from data manipulation to data theft. 

That could lead to identity theft and damage to your brand. Before your team can patch vulnerabilities, they have to know they exist. If the only threats they’re looking for have already been reported, you could be operating with a false sense of security. That false sense of security could lead to hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in your code and stealing sensitive data.

External Dependencies Are Unmanaged

If your website relies on external resources to operate, you’re putting your site at risk. External dependencies can include things like advertisements, APIs, or third-party websites. 

Managing these third-party threats will help you minimize the potential impacts of an outage or malicious activity from the third-party service. If you’re not monitoring these external dependencies and mitigating the potential threats, your site could be hit with an unnecessary amount of downtime. 

You could also be forced to temporarily shut down your business due to malicious activity from a third party. These dependencies could force you to be offline for an extended period of time, which could lead to a loss of new customers and potential revenue. 

While there is some risk associated with using third-party resources, it’s possible to mitigate that risk if you know about it. If you don’t, you won’t know to warn customers if a third-party service is down and cause disruption or manage the situation effectively.

You Don’t Test Software Before Release

When new software is released, it could contain a number of scripting errors that could lead to a breach of your system. If you don’t test the code, you’re leaving yourself open to attack on several fronts. Your website could be targeted by attackers who want to steal sensitive data, as well as competitors who want to shut down your site. 

Too many businesses rely on automated code testing. While these tests are a great way to detect basic errors, they aren’t enough to protect against advanced attacks. Manually testing code for errors before implementing it can help limit the potential for a major breach from occurring.

Why You Need to Hire a Website Security Service

A dedicated team of security experts can work with you to identify security threats and help you mitigate them before they cause a breach. Our security team can monitor your site and provide real-time alerts when there’s a potential threat. We can also work with you to develop a long-term security plan that will help you minimize the potential for threats. 

Our security team is knowledgeable about the latest threats and cybersecurity trends which means we can help you keep up with technology trends and identify emerging threats before any damage is done. 

Don’t Just Hire Any Old Website Security Service, Call Patrick Zarrelli and Hire the Best!

As the founder of one of the most experienced website security services in South Florida, Patrick Zarrelli’s team has what it takes to keep your website safe and sound. When you hire Patrick Zarrelli’s team of American cybersecurity experts, you can rest easy while we provide 24/7 protection for your website. 

When it comes to website security, you can depend on us! We’re experienced, we’re driven, and we’re reasonably priced.  If you’re looking for world-class website security that won’t break the bank, you’ll want to give Patrick Zarrelli a call! 

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