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Why You Need a Website Security Service

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Why You Need a Website Security Service

Why You Need a Website Security Service

Websites are the front door to your business. For many businesses, a website is the only way visitors can get information about your business. If your website is unsecured, hackers now have a front door of their own. 

Not only that, but they might also be able to see sensitive user data, customer credit card information, or other private information on your site. If your website is hacked, you could lose visitor trust and thereby reduce conversions and sales. 

A hacker could even use your site as a springboard for launching attacks on other websites or users with connected accounts. These are all compelling reasons why it’s crucial to invest in website security services.

What is a Website Security Service?

A website security service is a set of tools and services that help you protect your website against all kinds of threats and hacks. These include security scanning and auditing tools, risk analysis, penetration testing, website firewall, and monitoring services, and more. 

The most crucial tools, though, are those that protect against security breaches. There are two major types of website security services — managed and un-managed. Managed services are ones that are provided by companies with security experts on staff. 

The experts proactively monitor your site for issues, fix problems as they arise, and even help you make changes to avoid future problems.

Detect and Repair Broken Website Code

Website security services can also help you detect and repair broken website code. If you’re building your site from scratch, you’ll want to hire a professional web developer to make sure that all of the major code components — like the site’s back-end, template, and CMS — are secure from start to finish. 

If you’re updating an existing site, a professional website security service can help you find broken code in your site’s source code. The best website security services can detect broken code and help you fix it before hackers get a chance to exploit it in the first place. 

Hackers often target website code that isn’t properly formatted. They can also discover weaknesses in common website components like WordPress plugins and CMSes that allow them to gain access to your site and user data.

Why You Also Need Website Auditing Tools

When looking for a website security service, you should be looking for one that offers website auditing tools. This service can help you identify critical issues on your site’s source code and design that could lead to security breaches. 

It’s common for website security companies to test your site against one or more industry-standard security tools, including the likes of OWASP, the SANS Top 25, and the CIS Critical Web Application Controls. 

The best website security services will also report on the severity of the issues they find. The industry-standard security tools mentioned above, for instance, assign a criticality rating to each issue they find, as well as a short description on how to fix it. It’s not uncommon, though, for companies to add their own unique auditing tools.

Website Security Services Can Ensure Strong SSL Encryption

Another important website security service is ensuring strong SSL encryption. This is the encryption that secures your site’s login page, payment pages, and any other sensitive pages that require users to log in. 

If someone were to break into those pages, they could steal sensitive data (like user login names, passwords, and credit card numbers) or even break in to other parts of your site. While many hosting providers automatically configure SSL encryption, it’s important to make sure that the plugin or CMS you’re using to build your site doesn’t disable encryption. 

Why You Need a Professional Website Security Service

As you can see, there are all sorts of website security services that can help you protect your site. If you have the budget, it’s best to hire a single company that can provide all of these tools. That way, you can get everything from a single source instead of having to go to multiple providers. 

As a general rule, you want to hire a website security company that has been in business for at least a couple of years. It’s also important to make sure that the company has a proven track record for protecting customer sites from attacks. That way, you know that you’re hiring a company that has the skills and resources to protect your site.

Why You Shouldn’t Pay for an In-house Web Security Team

The front door to most businesses is their website, but if it isn’t secure, attackers have a way in. Website security services can help you protect against security breaches, such as broken code, weak SSL encryption, and other threats. 

These services can also audit your site, fixing broken code and identifying critical issues before they become problems. It’s crucial to hire a professional website security service to protect against these threats, or else your site will be open to attack.

At this point, you might be wondering why you shouldn’t just build your own, in-house website security team. As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons why that would be a terrible idea. The truth is, most businesses don’t have the financial flexibility to support an in-house website security team and even if they do, they’d be paying more than they need to. 

Why pay a whole team of in-house employees a salary with benefits when you could hire Patrick Zarrelli’s team of web security experts for a fraction of the cost? We’ve been in the web security business for a long time, people trust us, and for good reason. They know that we know our stuff and we’ll do a better job than any in-house team ever could. 

Call Patrick Zarrelli for Website Security That Rocks!

Now that you know more about website security and how important it is to have a dependable website security service, it’s time to call a real expert like Patrick Zarrelli. Businesses throughout the South Florida area depend on Patrick Zarrelli for cybersecurity and protection from hackers looking to exploit their networks, computer systems, or both. 

When it comes to website security services in South Florida, Patrick Zarrelli is King, call today and see what we can do for you!  

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